Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme: Green Paper

On Wednesday the 16th of July 2008, the Australian Government released a Green Paper on the Carbon Polluting Reduction Scheme. Below is a section from the media release about this Paper:

“Releasing the Government’s Green Paper on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, Minister for Climate Change and Water, Senator Penny Wong, said the time for action on climate change was now. “We confront a daunting reality: we cannot continue to pour carbon pollution into the atmosphere as if there is no cost,” Senator Wong told the National Press Club in Canberra. “The 12 hottest years in history have all been in the last 13 years. “As one of the hottest and driest continents on earth, Australia’s economy and environment will be one of the hardest and fastest hit by climate change if we don’t act now.”

You can read the complete media release here. “The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper canvasses options and preferred approaches on issues, such as which industry sectors will be covered and how emission caps will be set. It also includes ways to address the impacts on Australian households, emissions-intensive trade-exposed industries and other strongly affected sectors.” [Text from the Department of Climate Change website] You can choose to download:

On the website you’ll also find other great resources including: