Google Generation

Do you google constantly? Are you scanning and skimming your way through life unable to stop for a moment to reflect – mobile phone humming and buzzing whilst you’re on the net, or worse still – driving?
There is evidence that being chronically distracted not only ruins your ability to concentrate but also can lead to stress related diseases.
“Mark Bauerlein, professor of English at Emory University in Atlanta, has just written The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardises Our Future. He portrays a bibliophobic generation of teens, incapable of sustaining concentration long enough to read a book. And learning a poem by heart just strikes them as dumb.””Join Facebook or MySpace and you suddenly have “friends” all over the place. Of course, you don’t. These are just casual, tenuous electronic pings. Nothing could be further removed from the idea of friendship.”
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One thought

  1. The article meanders along without coming to any one specific point, seemingly just another ‘technology is the devil’s work’ or ‘new media is making us stupider’ rant without much intelligent thought or research.

    The way we use media has changed, not only the internet but also television and the printed word. A night watching a movie is being replaced by bite-sized television pieces that serve as background noise for us while we do other things. Magazines and tabloid newspapers occupy our mind for the briefest of times while in waiting rooms and during a daily commute.

    It’s what humans do. So what? Where is the scientific evidence that we are getting stupider? I’ve read too much evidence to the contrary. Are we supposed to believe that because a certain professor’s son was killed by a distracted driver that all technology that occupies our idle moments is evil? How did that logical connection come about? What about the massive drop in car accidents per driving population that we’ve observed since the 80s, before mobile phones or the internet?

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