Snow Day in Orange!

Yesterday we had a snowfall on Orange campus.

It was obvious from the delighted shouts from the students that this was the first time many of them had seen snow. Although there was barely enough snow to blanket the ground, it was enough for several students to roll up their sleeves, grab a handful and start a good old fashioned snowball fight.

Yours truly risked life and limb to capture these photos. Snowballs were flying left, right and centre but I braved the cold and dodged icy projectiles to bring you these shots. The plastic table and chairs on the lawn were quickly overturned as one student used the table as a shield behind which he crouched while hurling missiles towards enemy lines.

The snow only lasted an hour or so, and by afternoon it was already disappearing from the ground. This morning, nothing remained to hint at the devastating carnage of yesterday’s snowball fight.

– Josh
Library Web Team, Orange

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