The Graduate Junction – Building a global research community

The Graduate Junction is a new networking site for graduate researchers, promoting collaboration, generating new ideas and preventing duplication of effort.

“The Graduate Junction is designed for Masters, Doctoral and Postdoctoral researchers in any field, in any part of the world and whatever stage of the research process they are at. If you are working towards a Masters and just starting your research career, you have an idea of what area you want to focus on but will also want to know who else is doing that kind of research. If you are a doctoral candidate or a post doctoral fellow it is essential to stay informed about current work. If you are writing a research proposal you will want to know what kind of work is being done right now. We feel The Graduate Junction will have something to offer all researchers. Keeping in touch with people whose work is interesting to you is advantageous for any researcher.” [Text from The Graduate Junction website]