New DVDs

Each week CSU Library adds hundreds of new resources to our catalogue, including books, DVDs, CDs, and electronic resources. The following selection highlights some of the new DVDs added to the collection last week. Click on a DVD’s title to read more information about the DVD, or click on ‘Check Availability’ to find the DVD in the Library Catalogue. Click here to view the complete list of new titles.

  • An inconvenient truth : a global warning Former Vice President Al Gore explains the facts of global warming, presents arguments that the dangers of global warning have reached the level of crisis, and addresses the efforts of certain interests to discredit the anti-global warming cause. Between lecture segments, Gore discusses his personal commitment to the environment, sharing anecdotes from his experiences. Check Availability
  • Black lagoon. 001 Based on the original Manga by Rei Hiroe. Check Availability
  • A beautiful mind Dramatic biography of John Nash, a mathematical genius, who made an astonishing discovery early in his career and stood on the brink of international acclaim. But the handsome and arrogant Nash soon found himself on a painful and harrowing journey of self-discovery. After many years of struggle, he eventually triumphed over his schizophrenia, and finally, late in life, received the Nobel Prize. Check Availability
  • Juno Juno MacGuff is a cool, confident teenager who takes a nine-month detour into adulthood when she’s faced with an unplanned pregnancy – and sets out to find the perfect parents for her baby. With the help of her charmingly unassuming boyfriend, supportive Dad and no-nonsense stepmum, Juno sets her sights on an affluent couple longing to adopt their first child. Check Availability
  • Blood and bones Based on the novel “Chi to hone” by Yan Sogiru. Check Availability
  • Il gattopardo (The leopard) Recounts the years of Italy’s Risorgimento when the aristocracy lost its grip and the middle classes rose and formed a democratic Italy. Check Availability
  • The Spiderwick chronicles From the moment the Grace family moves into a secluded old house, strange things start to happen. As Jared investigates, he discovers Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide and the unbelievable truth of the Spiderwick Estate. The estate is where a secret world of fantasical creatures hides within our own. Now Jared, his sister and his twin brother are pulled into an unforgettable adventure as they try to protect the secrets of the book. Check Availability
  • Underbelly The real story of Melbourne’s Underworld killings. Check Availability
  • Blair Tony Blair, Britain’s former Prime Minister, tells the story of his ten years in power (1997-2007) and the major events which marked his prime minstership. The series also contains new material shot during Tony Blair’s last few weeks in power and in his current role as Middle East Envoy for the Quartet (U.S., Russia, EU and UN). Check Availability