New DVDs

Each week CSU Library adds hundreds of new resources to our catalogue, including books, DVDs, CDs, and electronic resources. The following selection highlights some of the new DVDs added to the collection last week. Click on a DVD’s title to read more information about the DVD, or click on ‘Check Availability’ to find the DVD in the Library Catalogue. Click here to view the complete list of new titles.

  • Crime & punishment This series serves to inform and educate on crime and justice issues and gives voice to the people working in the background in society’s efforts to deal with crime. Each episode deals with one aspect of crime, punishment and justice, providing insights about both victims and offenders. the program considers the combination of police, victims, government services and legal and crime prevention approaches, which help to explain some of the complexities behind crime. Check Availability
  • Abby’s road When told they could lose their two-year-old daughter to leukemia, the Walkers came up with an unusual solution. They decided to have another child. But will ’the saviour child’ stem cells work? Check Availability
  • The Catalpa rescue The Catalpa rescue is the extraordinary story of the daring escape of six Irish rebels from a notoriously brutal penal colony in Fremantle, Western Australia in 1876. Check Availability
  • The Darjeeling Limited Having not spoken to each other in a year, three American brothers set off on a train voyage across India with a plan to find themselves and bond with each other – to becomer brothers again like they used to be. Their “spiritual quest,” however, veers rapidly off-course — thanks in part to over-the-counter pain killers, Indian cough syrup, and pepper spray. Eventually the three find themselves stranded alone in the middle of the desert with eleven suitcases, a printer, and a laminating machine. From this point forward, an unplanned journey begins. Check Availability
  • Internal affairs Dennis Peck knows how to get around the law, because he is a cop. Raymond Avilla is the investigator who is determined to bring Peck to justice, even as Peck threatens Avilla’s career, marriage, and sanity. Check Availability
  • The invasion Tells the story of a mysterious epidemic that alters the behaviour of human beings. When a psychiatrist (Nicole Kidman) discovers the epidemic’s origins are extraterrestrial, she must fight to protect her son, who may hold the key to stopping the escalating invasion. Check Availability
  • Margot at the wedding When Margot and her son, Claude, come to attend the wedding of her sister, Pauline, it seems as if a family rift is being mended. Despite their best efforts, Margot and Pauline revert to their most dysfunctional selves. Check Availability
  • Reign over me Alan Johnson runs into his old college roommate, Charlie Fineman, on the streets of New York City. He is suprised to find that Charlie does not remember him at all. Alan later learns that Charlie is suffering with grief over the loss of his family on 9/11. Check Availability
  • Baraka Baraka is an overwhelming experience that spans the geographical, cultural and social diversity of our plant. Set to an atmospheric soundtrack the film captures the essence of man’s relationship with the earth, both harmonious and catastrophic. Check Availability
  • The Oscar Wilde collection Casts include: Rupert Frazer, Gemma Jones, Joan Plowright, John Gielgud, Peter Firth, Jeremy Brett. Productions for television originally broadcast in 1969 and 1985.
  1. Volume 1, The Importance of being earnest. The picture of Dorian Gray Check Availability
  2. Volume 2, An ideal husband, Lady Windermere’s fan Check Availability

New Anime DVDs

  • Basilisk The year is 1614 AD. Two warring ninja clans, each supporting a son of Hidetada Tokugawa as the next shogun, send ten representatives each to fight to the death for the possession of a scroll. The prize: the annihilation of the other and the staunch support of the Tokugawa government for the winning clan for the next thousand years.
  1. Volume 1, Scrolls of blood Check Availability
  2. Volume 2, The spoils of war Check Availability
  3. Volume 3, The parting of ways Check Availability
  4. Volume 4, Tokaido Road Check Availability
  5. Volume 5, The shades of night Check Availability
  6. Volume 6, Fate’s finest hour Check Availability
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric changed the night he trapped his younger brother’s spirit in the unfeeling steel of an ancient suite of armour. That night, Edward and Alphonse exploited the clandestine science of Alchemy to attempt the unthinkable – resurrect their dead mother. They failed, unleashing an alchemic reaction that ripped their bodies apart.
  1. Volume 1, The curse Check Availability
  2. Volume 2, Scarred man of the East Check Availability
  3. Volume 3, Equivalent exchange Check Availability
  4. Volume 4, The fall of Ishbal Check Availability
  5. Volume 5, The cost of living Check Availability
  6. Volume 6, Captured souls Check Availability
  • Speed grapher Tokyo’s really let itself go. The poor get poorer, and the rich get their kicks in clandestine pleasure clubs where no desire is taboo. The criminal underground is the only game in town and life is cheap. Burned out photographer Saiga thought his life couldn’t get any more dull… Selling his soul as a tabloid photographer.
  1. Volume 1 Check Availability
  2. Volume 2 Check Availability
  3. Volume 3 Check Availability
  4. Volume 4 Check Availability
  5. Volume 5 Check Availability
  6. Volume 6 Check Availability