Delicious – What’s New on the Net!

Are you stuggling to keep up to date with recent policies, reports and research in your particular subject area?
Your Library has just added a Delicious New on the Net section to each of our Subject Support pages. Each day, as new policies and reports are released, we are adding them as bookmarks into Delicious and tagging them with your subject areas. This allows them to be pushed out to your relevant subject support pages as soon as we add them to Delicious. You no longer need to sort through endless reports. Just bookmark your particular subject support page and do a quick check each day to see if there are any new reports of interest to you. To see an example of our new service, scroll down to Step 4 – New on the Net on our Subject Support – Agriculture page.
If you miss a report, you can click on our Delicious link at the bottom of the list, to see our archive of all reports etc. in your subject area, saving you valuable time.
Prefer to receive updates via RSS feed delivered to your desktop? No problem. Delicious will give you an option to subscribe to your particular subject area at the bottom of each Delicious page.
For all of our bookmarks you can visit