Safe Work Australia Week

This week, 19-25 October 2008, is Safe Work Australia Week – a national week that focuses our attention on workplace safety issues.

“It aims to encourage all working Australians to get involved in, and concentrate on, safety in their workplace to reduce death, injury and disease.

“Over 140 000 Australians are seriously injured at work every year and more than 250 die as a result of work-related injuries. Many more die as a result of work-related disease such as mesothelioma.

“This means 17 in every 1000 employees will be off work for at least a week due to work-related injury and disease with two of these needing over six months off work to recover from their injuries or illness.” [Text from the Australian Safety and Compensation Council website]

Charles Sturt University will be having a range of activities sponsored by the Campus OHS Committees with assistance from other compliance committees of the University such as the Chemical Safety Committee and the Radiation Safety Committee. Rather than trying to spread the activities over the whole of ‘Safe Work Australia Week’, the focus will be on Wednesday, 22 October from 12 noon until 2pm. Most campuses will have activities, usually centered on a free BBQ surrounded by safety activities.