Looking forward to exams?

Is it possible for students to actually look forward to studying for their exams? This article, which featured in yesterday’s Chronicle of Higher Education, looks at how some university professors are starting to change the way they help students review for exams.

“When it’s time to review for an exam in her entry-level computer-science course at Montgomery County Community College, Patricia Rahmlow divides the students into teams, hands each team an electronic buzzer, and cues the Jeopardy theme music. “Thanks to a software program that can display a series of questions in a style similar to the popular TV trivia game show, she turns review sessions into competitions. Ms. Rahmlow, an assistant professor of business and computer science, and two of her colleagues at the college described their experiences with classroom games in a session at the League for Innovation in the Community College’s annual technology conference this week.”She said that students now look forward to what used to be a drag. Before she started using the software, she said, “I had never had students ask me, When are we going to do the review?”

You can read the rest of this article on the Chronicle of Higher Education website.