Highlights of New DVDs, 20-26 October 2008

Each week CSU Library adds hundreds of new resources to our catalogue, including books, DVDs, CDs, and electronic resources. The following selection highlights some of the new DVDs added to the collection last week – click on ‘Check Availability’ to find the DVD in the Library Catalogue. Click here to view the complete list of new titles.


  • All the president’s men – A dramatic reconstruction of the true story of the discovery of the White House link with the Watergate affair by two young reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, of the Washington Post. Check Availability
  • The big clock – A hotshot crime magazine editor inadvertently becomes the subject of a murder investigation after spending an evening with his boss’ mistress. Check Availability
  • A knight’s tale – Heath Ledger plays William Thatcher, a peasant with dreams of champion jousting. When the opportunity strikes for him to feign royal descent and compete in the famed sport, he discovers the thrill of winning, the glory of knighthood, the love of a forbidden maiden and terrible danger in the form of the vile Count Adhemar. Check Availability


  • Kanyini – Bob Randall is a member of the Yankunytjatjara people, and one of the listed traditional owners of Uluru. He was taken away from his mother. He remained at the reservation until he was 20, working at various jobs, including as a carpenter, stockman and crocodile hunter. He helped establish the Adelaide Community College, and lectured on Aboriginal cultures. He served as the Director of the Northern Australia Legal Aid Service, and established Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander centres at the Australian National University, University of Canberra and University of Wollongong. he was named ’Indigenous Person of the Year”, and inducted in the NT music hall of fame for such classic songs as Brown Skin Baby, Red Sun and Black Moon about the Coniston massacre. He is also the author of two books: his autobiography “Songman”, and a children’s book ‘Tracker Tjginji’. Check Availability
  • Walk like a man : blood, sweat & queers – Features players from two of the world’s best gay rugby teams; sentimental favourites, San Francisco Fog and feisty upstarts, Sydney Convicts, as they prepare to compete for the 2006 Bingham Cup, in New York City. The history of the Bingham Cup began on September 11, 2001 when Mark Bingam, a gay rugby player, courageously stormed the cockpit of Flight 93, successfully preventing the highjackers from turning the flight into a terrorist weapon. Mark’s memory was later honoured in 2002, when San Francisco Fog launched a biennial rugby tournament called the Bingham Cup. In just four short years, the number of teams competing in the Bingham Cup grew from eight to thirty. Check Availability

TV Shows

  • Bush mechanics : complete series – Off-beat, humourous series which provides anecdotes of life in the bush, and sheds light on Warlpiri life, from gathering bush tucker and living in a humpy, to football and rock and roll. In each episode, the five bush mechanics from the remote community of Yuendumu are presented with a new set of challenges – catching a car thief, getting a nephew out of jail, racing to an outback rock concert, and travelling thousands of miles to gather pearl shells for a rain making ceremony. Check Availability
  • Enough rope with Andrew Denton : Kurt Fearnley and Megan Gale – Andrew speaks with Gold medal-winning wheelchair athlete, Kurt Fearnley on the eve of the Paralympics. Plus, model Megan Gale talks about life on the catwalk and her move into acting. Check Availability
  • The Librarians – Frances O’Brien, devout catholic and panic disorder sufferer, runs a very tight ship as Head Librarian at the Middleton Interactive Learning Centre. Her life unravels when she is forced to employ her ex-best friend, Christine Grimwood – now facing criminal charges – as the Children’s Librarian. Suddenly long buried feelings that Frances has suppressed since she last saw Christine nineteen years ago, rush at her like a truck. She must do all she can to contain her menacing past and concentrate on the biggest event of the Library calendar year. Check Availability
  • The wire : listen carefully. The complete first season – The most unvarnished, uncompromising and realistic police drama ever returns for another hard-hitting season. McNutty has been demoted to harbour patrol. Daniels is in the police-archive dungeon, Prez is chafing in the suburbs, and Greggs is stuck behind a desk. Meanwhile, on the docks of Baltimore harbour, the rank and file scrounge for work and the union bosses take illegitimate measures to reinvigorate business, but a horrific discovery is about to blow the whole port inside out. While the detail is on ice, a new case begins. Check Availability
  • The wire : a new case begins. The complete second season Check Availability
  • Going bush : adventures across indigenous Australia. Series 2 – Roll up your swags, pack your sense of adventure and hit the road with Olympic Champion Cathy Freeman and actor Luke Carroll as the two city slickers embark on a road trip through remote Indigenous Australia. Setting out from Australia’s central deserts, Cathy & Luke embark on a 3000 kilometre odyssey to the country’s outermost edge – on a journey that takes them from Uluru, to Cape York and onto the islands of the Torres Strait. They introduce us to places we’ve never seen, people we’ve never met and reveal the stories behind Australia’s rich cultural heritage. Check Availability