Expand Your Search Horizons!

When you need a search engine – do you immediately think of Google? Most of us do, but there are many new players in the search engine market with a fresh new approach to searching and displaying results.

Cuil (pronounced “cool”) claims to have the largest index of the web yet, even larger than Google. Results are displayed in columns and include a thumbnail image with each result. Cuil offers an Explore by Category box that allows the searcher to drill down into results for more specific topics. Tabs along the top of the screen also suggest related search terms.

Viewzi provides a whole new visual search experience. Instead of list of results, Viewzi gives you a choice of views tailored for the type of content you are looking for.

SearchMe results are displayed as a gallery of images that allows you to see the page without having to click on each result to view it. As you type terms into the search box, SearchMe anticipates what you are looking for and offers you related categories to help focus your search.

Search all your favourite sites at once with Sputtr. This customizable site allows you to build your own search homepage with the sites you use the most.