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Launched in October 2008 by Australian Policy Online, Inside Story combines high-quality journalism and analysis to bring readers a distinctive view of Australia and the world. Drawing on a network of writers, researchers and correspondents in Australia and overseas, Inside Story investigates the forces shaping contemporary politics, society and culture. Inside Story is edited at the Institute for Social Research at Swinburne University of Technology.
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Current comments and analysis include:

  • Offshore borders and accountability It’s time to insist that asylum seekers at our offshore border – the one in Indonesia – are treated in the same way as those onshore, writes SAVITRI TAYLOR
  • Charter of frights Has fear of upsetting the public caused Victoria’s new human rights charter to lose its way? It’s a question with national implications, writes JEREMY GANS
  • Nowhere to go A US Supreme Court decision to order the release of seventeen Chinese Muslims raises the possibility that David Hicks might one day be an innocent man, writes NICOLA McGARRITY. But where does it leave the seventeen men?
  • A great result for the pollsters Apart from an unexpectedly strong performance by the Bill and Ben Party, the NZ election result more or less matched expectations, writes NORM KELLY
  • Copyright: the middle way Support is grwoing for a different perspective on intellectual property, write BRIAN FITZGERALD and BEN ATKINSON