Europeana + 10mill Hits Per Hour = Crash

The Wired Campus has reported that ‘too many people are excited about Europeana, a pan-European digital library, archive, and museum. Last week, when the project’s prototype Web site debuted, it got 10 million hits per hour — and crashed.’Europeana currently has over 2 million digital objects, including film, photos, paintings, sounds, maps, manuscripts, books, newspapers and archival papers, and it’s multilingual, currently offering objects in French, English and German. The plan is to have over 6 million objects available by 2010, and to increase the language selections.
Europeana have issued a press release, outlining why the crash occurred, pre-release testing, future release plans (mid-December) and measures to eliminate the chances of a repeat.While Europeana gets back up and running, why not check out the Europeana Development Site, which provides an introduction on what to expect from the real thing. Let’s just hope the Development Site can handle the traffic.