It’s Starting to Add Up for Ontario Teachers

The London Free Press are reporting that the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) are making headway in their battle to reduce the difference in government funding between secondary and elementary school students in Ontario.

Education Minister Kathleen Wynne had previously set a deadline of Monday December 1st for talks to be finalised, stating that “after that deadline, then the rules change in terms of the amount of money that’s available”. That amount of money is the sum of $800 million over 4 years to provide more positions, workload reductions, and incremental pay increases.

EFTO President, David Clegg rejected the deal, stating that the package doesn’t go far enough to reduce the $711 per student difference in government funding. “Class sizes for Grades 4 to 8 are too large and elementary pupils don’t have access to the technology and other resources that high school students have”

Three days after the deadline, talks are continuing, which gives first round points to EFTO.

“It’s a debate that has raged for decades and it’s not likely to be resolved overnight.”

More details as they come.