New Titles – Top 10 January 19 – 25

Each week CSU Library adds hundreds of new resources to our catalogue, including books, DVDs, CDs, and electronic resources. The following selection highlights some of the new books added to the collection last week. Click on a book’s title to read more information about the book, or click on ‘Check Availability’ to find the book in the Library Catalogue. Click here to view the complete list of new titles.

Becoming Batman : the possibility of a superhero
Author: E. Paul Zehr Genre: Human Physiology Year: 2008
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Cloud 9
Author: Caryl Churchill Genre: Fiction Year: 1989
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Unearthed : the Aboriginal Tasmanians of Kangaroo Island
Author: Rebe Taylor Genre: Indigenous History Year: 2008
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Horrorism : naming contemporary violence
Author: Adrian Cavarero Genre: Terrorism Year: 2009
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Sex, violence and crime : Foucault and the “man” question
Author: Adrian Howe Genre: Crime Year: 2008
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Leading for a lifetime : how defining moments shape the leaders of today and tomorrow
Author:Warren G. Bennis
Genre: Leadership Year: 2007
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MySpace marketing : creating a social network to boom your business
Author: Sean Percival Genre: Viral Marketing
Year: 2008
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Reality television, affect and intimacy : reality matters
Author: Misha Kavka Genre:Reality Television
Year: 1938
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Reforming teaching globally
Edited by: Maria Teresa Tatto Genre: Teaching Year: 2007
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Win more cases: the lawyer’s toolkit
Author: Troy Simpson Genre: Law Year: 2008
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