2 Centuries Later…The Missing Link Found?

The father of Evolution, Charles Darwin turns 200 tomorrow. Darwinians all over the world are ramping up to celebrate the life and work of Darwin as Darwin Day hits a city near you.

In honour of Darwin, CSU Library has compiled some great evolution resources, a natural selection if you will:

  • Charles Darwin : an Australian selection (2008) by TR Frame. Check Availability
  • The caveman mystique : pop-Darwinism and the debates over sex, violence, and science (2008) by M McCaughey. Check Availability
  • Big brain : the future of human intelligence (2008) by G Lynch & R Granger. Check Availability
  • Evolution : a historical perspective (2007) by B Brown. Check Availability
  • Baboon metaphysics : the evolution of a social mind (2007) by DL Cheney & RM Seyfarth. Check Availability

And just to play devil’s advocate, lets look at the other side of the evolutionary coin with a classic anti-evolution film:

So whether you believe in evolution or not, I’ll just ask you to gaze your eyes back over the image at the top of this blog, and then look at the image directly below, and ask yourself ‘Have we found the missing link?’