You told us, we listened!

Thank you to all the staff, students and community members who participated in the 2008 Client Survey. It was great to read your appreciation of the Library team, its service, professionalism and attitude. No significant problems were identified in the survey but many of you shared your feedback on how the Library could improve our services and resources. Over the last six months we have been working through your feedback and either resolved the issues raised or identified strategies for addressing your concerns and comments. For full details on what’s changed see our Client Survey Response page.
Thank you to the Ontario students and staff who have just participated in the 2009 Client survey. The results of this survey will be posted to the web site and in the next issue of LibraryNews@CSU. Remember that you can tell the Library team any time what you think about the Library and give us feedback on how we can improve Library resources and services. Here are some ways to provide feedback and suggestions: