YouTube and Higher Education

Educational content is now easier to find on YouTube thanks to the creation of the YouTubeEDU site.
Previously YouTube relied on content creators to categorize their videos as ‘education’ which meant that a broad interpretation of education, could led to all sorts of videos being added to this category. And since lecture videos are less popular than the humorous and outrageous clips, they do not show up in most viewed lists.
Now the new YouTubeEDU page includes only material submitted by colleges and universities, including UNSW, Stanford, MIT, Duke and Yale. The site contains complete lectures from some 200 college courses. Subjects range from computer science to literature, biology to philosophy, history, political science, psychology, law and the list goes on. The site is also fully searchable, allowing you to find content in your area of interest.
By creating this site YouTube has added another dimension to education. It allows educational institutions to share their ideas with others all over the world and students all over the world to gain acces to lecture and research content that once never left the insides of lecture theatres.
Currently the most viewed video on the site is an interview with a University of Minnesota professor discussing the science behind the new movie Watchmen.