Looking for the Business Review Weekly?

CSU Library regularly collects statistics from the website to give an indication as to what our users are seeking and requesting. Our statistics for April 2009 show that many of our users have been trying to locate online articles from the Business Review Weekly (BRW), which up until now has been available only in print.

The good news is that Library has recently purchased a subscription to afr.com, the exclusive source of full-text articles from Fairfax Business Media publications including The Australian Financial Review and Business Review Weekly, as well as over twenty other Fairfax news and information sources including the major Fairfax dailies and even The New York Times.
afr.com also includes a range of financial charts and investment tools.
Archival coverage extends as far back as 20 years. Publications and dates of coverage include:

  • AFR Smart Investor from December 2005
  • The Age from January 1991
  • Asset from June 2001
  • The Australian Financial Review from September 1987
  • BOSS from April 1999
  • Business Review Weekly from January 1989
  • The Canberra Times from September 1996
  • The Illawarra Mercury from July 1997
  • The Newcastle Herald from September 1997
  • The Sun Herald from June 1987
  • The Sunday Age from Jan 1991
  • The Sydney Morning Herald from September 1986
  • The New York Times Last 30 days

Please note that the terms and conditions for use of this database only permit printing one copy for your personal use. Downloading or sharing articles with a third party is not permitted.
Business Review Weekly can be accessed online from the catalogue record, while afr.com can be found under media databases on all of the Library subject database pages.