Collection Development Policy

The library has completed a review of the Collection Development Policy and posted it onto the library web pages at .

This policy covers the purchase of textbooks and multiple copies through to online journals instead of print. If you have any comments or queries please contact or to pass on your thoughts.

The policy will be reviewed in 2010 and your contributions would be appreciated.

Irene Evans
Collection Services

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  1. Thankyou for your comment.
    The 2009 library materials funding did not increase to accommodate the dramatic currency fluctuation. With less value in the dollar, Collection Services examined the materials budget in detail, and looked for savings strategies that will have minimum impact.

    Yes there have been purchases made, and yes they are limited to specific needs.
    So far this year Acquisitions has focussed on ordering from Reading Lists to support Learning & Teaching. Requests for other resources are considered, and may be held or purchased later according to available funds.. The number of books purchased is lower than in the past. The number of online books available has increased to provide access where, in the past, multiple copies were required. Even so, some funds are rapidly approaching full expenditure.

    The increased prices for journals and databases meant that some funds were diverted from books. It is expected that the situation is for this year only and book purchases will return to the normal level in 2010.


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