Mobile version of JRSE

The Journal of renewable and sustainable energy is now available in a mobile version as well as the online.

Dear Colleague:
… with smartphones and the like, the web is back at your fingertips wherever you go, and JRSE can be there with you as well, through a new website we’ve created, optimized for display on mobile devices.I think you’ll find the JRSE mobile version to be an excellent traveling companion. It has a clean, streamlined design that loads quickly.

Now, rather than having to search issues individually, you can perform searches directly from the JRSE homepage. We’ve also made sweeping changes to the table of contents pages that will aid discoverability and save you time. We’ve brought more information to the forefront and created functionality that allows you to work with ToCs and journal data in new ways.

We’re very excited about our newest journal and, from the reaction it’s received since its launch earlier this year, the renewable and sustainable energy community appears to be excited as well. I hope you’ll visit JRSE soon to check out the new features I mention above, and that you make a special point to access JRSE’s new mobile view.

Mark Caesar Publisher

Collection Services team