My Library Record – Checking and Paying Fines

My Library Record now makes it easier for you to check and pay your library fines.

From the CSU Library Catalogue, Login to My Library Record

Fines are added to Your Library Record once the items have been returned to the Library. Click the ‘Click here to see if you have fines on returned items’ link to check this amount, and see which items the fines relate to.

Click the ‘Pay Library Fines‘ link to see the different payment methods, and detailed instructions for each method.

Overdue items that have not been returned to the Library may accrue fines (see the FAQs for details). Click the ‘Loans’ link to see any currently accruing fines on these items.

Remember that these fines cannot be paid until the items have been returned, and the fine is added to Your Library Record.

For any queries about Checking or Paying Fines, please Ask A Question.