The Future of Research is Here – CCH IntelliConnect

IntelliConnect™ is CCH Online’s revolutionary new platform that will transform the way that you do research.
CCH, with the help of tax and accounting professionals, have developed a familiar and intuitive user interface that offers the same ease of use found in today’s most popular consumer Web search engines.
The biggest change is the “federated search” box at the top which will search everything on CCH at once. You do not have to know what practice book or even what subject you want to search. Users can simply type in search terms to quickly access CCH’s world-class online tax content.
Filters and browse functions let users locate and view exactly what they need. If you are looking for a specific topic, click on Browse in the upper left hand corner. Clicking on Browse will also take you to the indexes, which are great finding tools.
Functions of this flexible new platform include:

  • Google® like search function with filters to easily narrow results
  • Multiple tab searching to retrieve relevant results faster than before
  • Print and email PDF’s with active links to content
  • Save searches and create research folders with notes
  • View and retrieve your search history for past 60 days
  • Intuitive layout complete with extensive ‘in context’ help resources
  • Individual user customisation