Is Everything Old New Again?

Triple J has recently been broadcasting “Acceptable in the 80s,” a fascinating series of programmes looking at the 80s-revival we’ve been experiencing in recent times (love it or hate it!) Here’s what the Triple J website has to say:

“… why, now that we live in the future, does everything look and sound a bit like it’s from 1986? Has the fabric of time been altered somehow? Have we run out of new ideas? Or does our new-found fondness for synth-pop and shoulder pads have some deeper significance?

“To find out, author and triple j culture guy Craig Schuftan dons a pair of stupid 80s sunglasses, soups up his sports car with one of those flux capacitor things, and risks further damage to the space-time continuum by travelling back to the origin point of the current crisis – the 1980s. There, he finds himself in a strange world – a world where people listen to futuristic robot-pop while spending money they don’t have on ridiculous clothes so as to take their minds off the impending apocalypse. Yes, all very strange – and yet at the same time, eerily familiar…”

Below is the first episode in the series – hit the play button to listen to it here, or follow the links below to catch the whole series on the Triple J website.

  • Check out ‘Acceptable in the 80s’
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