New Journal Database: PhilPapers

PhilPapers is a free comprehensive directory of online philosophy articles and books compiled by academic philosophers. It monitors journals in many areas of philosophy. It also monitors online archives and personal pages.
Its stated mission is “to facilitate the exchange and development of philosophical research through the internet”, and to “gather and organize philosophical research on the Internet, and provide tools for philosophers to access, organize, and discuss this research”.
It contains a wealth of full-text material, including journal articles from hundreds of journals. PhilPapers also features a forum, where users can discuss the contents of PhilPapers articles, as well as all philosophical issues.
Information about the structure, content, history, and sponsors of PhilPapers can be found on the About PhilPapers webpage.
To enable features such as personal reading lists, journal filters, and content alerts, users need to create a (free) user account. While it is possible to use PhilPapers without an account, it is suggested that frequent users create an account.
You can access PhilPapers from the Library’s Journal Database pages.