Known issues and outages

Library database and search tool vendors and publishers periodically perform maintenance or experience issues, during which time access to their search tools and content may be unavailable.

The Library makes every effort to list planned outages for Library databases and search tools, however we are not always notified by the publisher. On occasion issues and outages can extend beyond the planned time.

If your problem is not listed below please contact us to report it.



Known issues

[04/05/2021, 4:25pm] Informit Databases

Due to changes to the Informit database platform in early 2021, there are several ongoing issues with Informit content.

Article links from Primo may not work, and may result in a generic Informit search page instead. You may need to search again for the title of the article, which should then come up in the search results.

Specific databases within Informit e.g. the Informit Business Collection, may not appear properly, and searches that are meant to be limited to only these databases may instead return results from across the entire Informit group of databases. Instructions for how to filter your search results to specific databases within Informit have been added to the A-Z Databases list, in the information about each Informit database.

Some Full text PDFs are not accessible, and the Full Text PDF link/URL navigates back to the abstract page. In this case, please complete a Broken Link Report (also available via Primo) and we will contact Informit to obtain a digitised copy of the article.

We are in contact with Informit to resolve these issues, and we will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as we receive them. More information regarding these issues and Informit’s roadmap to resolve them can be found on the Informit website.