Known issues and outages

Library database and search tool vendors and publishers periodically perform maintenance or experience issues, during which time access to their search tools and content may be unavailable.

The Library makes every effort to list planned outages for Library databases and search tools, however we are not always notified by the publisher. On occasion issues and outages can extend beyond the planned time.

If your problem is not listed below please contact us to report it.


[Friday 21 June, 10:45am] Currently, we are experiencing an issue with ScienceDirect whereby the Download PDF/PDF Viewer is generating an error: “Something went wrong. Return to article.”

While the article can still be viewed online, all full-text downloads are generating this error and are inaccessible.

This issue has been raised with the provider and it is unclear when it will be resolved.


ProQuest Ebook Central will be offline on Sunday 21 July between 2:00 and 5:00am AEST.

During this 3-hour window the platform will be unavailable for access. This means all links to Ebook Central titles will also not be accessible during this time.

Known issues