Known issues and outages

Library database and search tool vendors and publishers periodically perform maintenance or experience issues, during which time access to their search tools and content may be unavailable.

The Library makes every effort to list planned outages for Library databases and search tools, however we are not always notified by the publisher. On occasion issues and outages can extend beyond the planned time.

If your problem is not listed below please contact us to report it.



Known issues

[26/02/2020, 3:15pm]

PDF items from DOMS (Digital Object Management System) may not load completely in Google Chrome. This is currently an intermittent and ongoing issue that can be resolved by refreshing your browser or using an alternate browser.

[6/1/2020, ongoing]

The Taylor and Francis database is producing intermittent loading issues for some users. You might receive a “This page isn’t working” error message with a note about being redirected too many times.

We are working to resolve this error. Clearing your browser’s cookies and cache should fix the problem.