Reserve Bank of Australia articles

The Reserve Bank of Australia may not always be in everyone’s good books, but they’ve just released their June bulletin and it features a number of interesting articles you might like to check out:

Banking Fees in Australia – download the full article (PDF 237K)
Abstract: The Reserve Bank has conducted a survey on bank fees each year since 1997. In 2009 growth in fee income increased slightly from recent years though it was again slower than growth in banks’ balance sheets. Growth in fee income was higher for businesses than for households. Banks reacted to the financial crisis by competing more aggressively for deposit funding which resulted in total fee income from deposit accounts falling, and repricing loan products which contributed to an increase in fee income from lending.

Housing Turnover and First-home Buyers – download the full article (PDF 262K)
Abstract: While housing turnover varies over time, on average, around 6 per cent of the housing stock, or around 500,000 dwellings, change ownership each year. In 2009, first-home buyers accounted for an unusually large share of this turnover, although this share has since declined. As first-home buyers make greater use of mortgages to fund purchases than do repeat buyers, this shift in the composition of turnover helps to explain the recent divergence in movements in housing prices and loan approvals.

Demography and Growth – download the full article (PDF 339K)
Abstract: Substantial demographic shifts are under way in many countries which could have a sizeable impact on trend growth rates over coming decades. This article explores some of these demographic developments, particularly in relation to population growth and age structure, for a range of economies. It also examines some of the direct effects that these changes could have on average growth over the next 10 years.

There are more articles and speeches available to download from the Reserve Bank of Australia June Quarter bulletin page, or you can choose to download the complete bulletin (PDF 896K).