Australia in the digital economy: the shift to the online environment

The Australian Communications and Media Authority reported on the big increases in the volume of data downloaded, time spent online and activities undertaken online. Over the past five years, the frequency of internet use in Australia has steadily increased to the point where 28 per cent of people 14 years and over were estimated to be ‘heavy’ users (online more than 15 hours a week) in June 2010. A further 27 per cent were considered medium users (between 7 and 15 hours a week) and 23 per cent light users (up to 7 hours a week). Only 14 per cent were deemed to be heavy users during June 2005.
Online social networking continues to be a major driving force in the increasing intensity of online participation. During June 2010 alone, 8.7 million Australians accessed mainstream social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube from home, spending in total more than 41.5 million hours on these sites.Text adapted from AustralianPolicyOnline. Read the full report here .
Image flickr: Neon lights blur,s2art