Success for Stony Stratford’s Library

In an attempt to stop their local library from being shut down, residents in Stony Statford (located near Milton Keynes, in northern Buckinghamshire) protested by borrowing all 16,000 items from the library in a campaign called ‘wot no books’. For more information on this story see our previous CSU library blog post

A month after the ‘wot no books’ campaign the fate of Stony Stratford’s library was determined by Milton Keynes Council. The library will remain open for another 12 months, but this will be reviewed in one year so the threat of closure is not completely gone.

Whilst celebrating the success, Friends of Stony Stratford Library are still very aware that they can’t afford to completely relax. They aim to get members from different ages, ethnicity and backgrounds to help have their say on what the library should look like.

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