Primo Search

Primo Search enables CSU staff and students to search simultaneously for local and remote resources – books, journals, journal articles, and digital resources, e.g. CSU Research Output (CRO), CSU digital theses, – using a simple intuitive search tool, with more advanced search functions available if required.

Primo Search has been introduced as an alternative to the current Library catalogue and SmartSearch. The Library is seeking user feedback during this soft launch, with the aim of replacing the catalogue and SmartSearch with Primo Search, later in 2011. The current Library databases will be retained.

Your feedback about this beta version of Primo Search will help us improve this new service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I find in Primo Search?
Primo Search includes content from the current Library catalogue, e.g. books, DVDs, journals, eBooks; full text articles from most of the subscribed Library databases; documents from the CSU Research Output (CRO) database; CSU digital theses.
Why ‘LOG IN’ to Primo Search?
‘LOG IN’ to Primo Search to request books and photocopies, renew loans (via My Library Record), and include additional resources, eg. content from the Web of Science (WoS) database in your search results.
Which user name and password do I use?
Users need to ‘LOG IN’ to Primo Search using their CSU CSU log-in. You will also be prompted to enter your CSU user name & password when you follow a link to view an online electronic resource.
The Library and the Division of Information Technology (DIT) are currently working on the implementation of a single sign-on process for Library services such as Primo Search that uses your CSU user name & password. This will be available later in the year.
Can I place requests for books and photocopies?
Primo Search is linked to existing Library systems and requests that you place in Primo Search will be processed in the same way as requests placed via the Library catalogue.
How do I place requests for books?
‘LOG IN’ to Primo Search and follow the ‘Availability’ link to the Check Availability of the item that you require.
Click on the Request link, or the ‘+’ button to display that option for items held at multiple locations.
How can I provide feedback and suggestions?
Use the feedback link in Primo Search or go to
Who do I contact for help with Primo Search?
Contact the Library using one of the options at

2 thoughts

  1. is it possible to put in a link so that the results from a primo search of books and the like can be downloaded into endnote?

  2. Hi Janine,

    We're currently working to develop a plug-in that will allow us to offer this option, however it isn't currently working in the way we need it to, so we're continuing to work on this.

    In the meantime, you can export references to EndNote when you click through to the database that provides access to the full text, e.g. using the export option in EBSCOhost. Records for books etc. can still be obtained using the Charles Sturt University connection file [Online Search] from within the EndNote program.

    Kind regards,

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