Search@CSU Library feedback: display and duplication of search results

Changes to display of books, journals and ebooks

Books, journals and ebooks are now displayed in Search@CSU Library in a way that helps users to distinguish between different versions and editions of a particular item.

How to use this feature:

1. When different versions/editions of a particular item are available, a message will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on the message, as shown below:

2. A screen similar to the one below will appear:

This example shows that the library has two different editions of the book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The library also holds an audio version, as well as the DVD.

Display of journal article duplicates
Users of Search@CSU Library have noticed significant changes to the way in which their search results are displayed. Some users have reported that a single journal article may display multiple times in their search results in Search@CSU Library.

Why does this occur? Information about the library’s database holdings is gathered together in an index called Primo Central. Primo Central feeds this information into Search@CSU Library. A journal article may be housed in more than one database, however, and so can appear more than once in the search results. This issue is being addressed in a service pack designed to ‘de-duplicate’ journal article search results. Library staff are currently testing the service pack with the aim of implementation in July.