New Database- State Papers Online

State Papers Online: the Government of Britain, 1509-1714 offers original historical materials from the period of 16th and 17th Century Britain, covering the reign of the Tudors and the Stuarts. This resource includes Domestic, Foreign, Borders, Scotland, and Ireland State Papers of Britain and links these historical manuscripts to their fully text-searchable Calendars. The database lists all the key documents from each reign as well as having an easy to read section. There is also a section “research tools” with tutorials to help you read old documents, and authoritative family trees and many more features. There are also essays by leading historians that use primary sources and contain links to the documents used; they cover various topics including society and religion during this period as well as specific essays about the main personalities of the time. The rulers in this period are amongst the best known and most interesting in Britain’s history, King Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots they had an enormous effect on the literature and art produced in the period. It is a useful resource for those studying any of those disciplines or just a great site to explore and procrastinate!