Primo Search: How can I get more out of it?

Over the next few weeks, the Library will be posting a series of easy to follow tips and tricks that will assist you with your information searching and improve your results in Primo Search.

Here is the first tip

 Basic Search

You can conduct Primo search using the widget available at the main library website or at the full Primo Search site

The widget on the main library page has 3 radio buttons (your basic search options) whereas these same buttons are transformed as drop-down menu on the full Primo site. Both forms of options perform the same search.

  •  “Search all” is the option by default which will search across the whole of CSU Library resources in Primo Search.
    Selecting one of the other options available (Books, journal, DVDs & more; Articles; CSU Research Output (CRO) will deliver a more targeted search result. What this does is restrict Primo Search to search only within the category such as books or journals that you are interested in. 
  •  Books, journals, DVDs & more: Choose this option to find books, eBooks, audio-visual materials, journals by title, selected internet resources and reserve items. This option gives it a more “old catalogue” style of search, and lets you find the journal, rather than every article in the journal.
  •  Articles: If you want to search for specific articles within journals, newspapers and other resources indexed on Primo Central, choose this option.
  •  CSU Research Output (CRO): CRO is an electronic archive which stores the full text of research articles, conference papers and other research outputs of CSU staff and students, including theses. So, you may use this option if you are particularly looking for resources generated by CSU staff and students.

Primo Help is available at:
Please contact the Library if you require assistance using Primo Search – see

As always, please send your feedback.

More tips to follow….