Primo Search – How can I get more out of it? – Third Tip

Let’s look at the next tip in this series of easy to follow tips and trips.

This involves making use of Refine your search option available at the full Primo Search site –
This tab is located underneath the search query box.

There are two drop-down menus and the default options are that contain my query words and Anywhere in the record which means the search will try to find any one of your query words in any of the data fields, abstracts, or even within the full text of some online resources. This could potentially display a large number of irrelevant results.

To limit your results, you can use a combination of these Refine your search drop-down menus.


If you are looking for resources in “global warming and climate change” and want “climate change” to appear in the title of the searched results, then select that contain my query words in the first drop-down menu and In the title in the second drop-down menu.

If you want the exact phrase “climate change” to appear, then choose with my exact phrase in the first drop-down menu.

If you want your results to have “climate change” at the start of the title then select starts with in the first drop-down menu. Selecting starts with automatically changes the second drop-down menu to In the title.

If you are searching by author and subject options, same steps can be applied by selecting As author and In subject in the second drop-down menu.

You are encouraged to use these options before conducting a search. It certainly will bring out more targeted and manageable results.

Please contact the Library if you require assistance using Primo Search – see
As always, please send your feedback.