An Upcoming Transit

It’s not every day that a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes up, but next week you have the opportunity to see the silhouette of the planet of Venus move across the disk of the sun. To see this happen again you would have to live another 105 years!

The Transit of Venus across the face of the Sun occurs on June 5th or
June 6th, 2012 depending on your location.Observers in Eastern Australia and Eastern Europe will see the entire transit, starting from shortly after sunrise on the 6th June. If you live in Western Australia, Western Europe or East Africa, the transit will be in progress at sunrise on the 6th June. Observers in North America will see part of the transit on the 5th June, but the sun will set while it is in progress.

Visit this website for more information on the Transit of Venus and links on how to view the transit safely.

So you don’t miss the transit there is also a phone app available.