Bathurst Day Lockers Now Available

You’ve got enough on your back without having to carry all your stuff around too!

With this in mind, we’re pleased to advise that there are now 36 day lockers available for use in the Bathurst Learning Commons.

What is a Day Locker?

Day Locker

A Day Lockers are somewhere to keep your stuff while you’re busy on campus. The lockers work using an electronic lock that resets with each new user, so you don’t need to worry about borrowing a key – which means no late fees! 

Conditions of Use
•    All lockers made available for student use on CSU premises are the property of CSU. 
•    Lockers are made available on a first come, first serve basis, for storing personal items and supplies necessary for use at the university. 
•    Lockers at CSU premises are not to be used to store items which cause, or can reasonably be foreseen to cause, an impediment to university operations (especially flammable materials or equipment). 
•    Being the property of CSU, CSU retain the right to inspect the locker and its contents at any time to insure that the locker is
being used in accordance with its intended purpose, and to eliminate fire or other hazards and maintain sanitary conditions.
•    On the last day of each academic session, lockers will be opened and cleared of any items for the purpose of inspection.

Day Locker

•    CSU does not assume any responsibility for belongings that are left in daily use locker.  CSU and the Security Service are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.
•    For any operational or security concerns please contact Student Central.

How do they work?



1 Enter any digit code (code is accepted when green light flashes)
2. Turn handle to  LOCK  position



1.    Re-enter same 4 digit code (code is accepted when green light flashes)
2.    Turn handle to UNLOCK   position

Day lockers modeled by puppets from the Library collection in Bathurst – No puppets were harmed in the making of this post.