New Titles in the Library

The Library adds new titles to the Collection every week. You can view the complete list of new titles on the Library New Titles page.  Take a quick look at these.

  • Playful Writing: 150 open-ended explorations in emergent literacy

    Nurture and encourage young writers in the most natural, developmentally appropriate way – through play! Children learn the skills needed for writing and reading on a continuum, over time and at different ages. Playful writing integrates writing exploration across the entire early childhood curriculum. Check Availability

  • In the Public Interest: Protecting Whistleblowers and those who speak out

    What is whistleblowing? Why we blow the whistle – yet crucify those who do. Check Availability

  • Sport and Social Movements: from the local to the global

    Analysing sport and (global) social movements. Sport and the global peace movement. Sport and the environment movement. Check Availability

  • The Fearsome, Frightening, Ferocious Box

    Picture book for children. At first your eyes will not believe, such terrors they can scarcely conceive, but come, look closely, you will see horrible creatures just like me, open the box if you dare, but danger lies within. Beware! Check Availability

  • Efficient and Effective Research: a Toolkit for Research Students and Developing Researchers – How to write a thesis and journal articles. A structured approach to presenting theses. Comprehensive processes of efficient article writing. Effective research: how to do case, interview and action research. How to do do case research: a comprehensive framework for modern researchers. How to do (convergent) interviewing: a methodology to start a research project. How to do action research and report it for an academic audience. Check Availability

What is the Dewey Decimal Classification System?  This was a question on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Better take a look.