Funding available for students and student bodies

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) Steering Committee is inviting all students and student bodies to make submissions for SSAF funds. Submissions will be considered in a formal process involving the SSAF Steering Committee throughout September 2014.

What your application needs to consider:
  • the longevity of the project and its sustainability beyond funding
  • the equitability of the impact  amongst CSU’s diverse student body
For more information on the SSAF funding and the submission process please contact your relevant Student Liaison Officer.
Proposals close September 12th and need to be submitted via email to
Curious about what projects has SSAF funding contributed to in 2014? 
In short,  LOTS and LOTS:
    Bathurst student sports
     Orange Campus Student accommodation
    meal plans available for on-campus meals
    Meal plans on-campus 

    The $34 per 8 point subject we 
    pay, can fund a lot of things! 

    – Even Saturday openings for the library