Go Home on Time Day


Reclaim some work / life balance!

Now in its sixth year, Go Home on Time Day, is a great way to recognise that life doesn’t need to revolve around work.

The idea was conceived in 2009 as a light-hearted way to start a serious conversation about the impact of poor work/life balance on our health, relationships and workplaces. This national day is an initiative of The Australia Institute, a research organisation based in Canberra.

You can get involved! Visit the website and join up.

Ask yourself –

  • When you go to work, do you know when you’ll finish?
  • Are you stressed about working more or less hours than you want to?

CSU is committed to providing a flexible, supportive and accessible work environment for staff with family responsibilities.

If you want to learn more about Work / Life Balance, check out some books held at CSU here. Enter the keywords: work life balance, you’ll be surprised at what you find!

Make it happen today!