It’s Pi Day!

Pi Day is celebrated on the 14th of March (3/14) across the world, in recognition of the extraordinary constant π!

Here at your CSU Library, we’re marking the day by “getting our nerd on”, and paying some attention to mathematics! If you’re a mathematics student here at CSU, your Library has countless resources at your disposal. To get you started, check out our Maths & Statistics Library Resource Guide. It has links to many of our Mathematics focused journal databases, dictionaries, and encyclopaedias; as well as the latest mathematics news and useful web resources.

If you use mathematics in your studies but you find it challenging, maybe you should consider having a chat with one of our ALLaNs (Academic Literacy, Learning, and Numeracy Support) advisers? The ALLaNs offer Numeracy Support through a variety of options, such as their Study Link program, and their Numeracy Study Guides and Tips, covering a range of areas of numeracy.