End of semester – what to do?

Enrol for next semester, apply to graduate

You really don’t want to forget to do this!

Download/print and save any course notes from Interact that you want to keep

Once you graduate, you won’t be able to access them anymore 🙁

Return your library books and pay any overdue fines

You want to know what grades you got, right? And maybe graduate with the rest of your class? If you have any commitments or money outstanding with CSU your marks and grades won’t be released until your CSU commitments are finalised. The same applies to graduating.

Sell or return old textbooks

If your textbooks aren’t looking too shabby and you won’t be needing them for further study you can sell them to make some cash. Both the Co-op bookshop and studentvip have schemes for you to sell your old textbooks. 
If you’ve rented a book from the Co-op bookshop, now is the time to return it! 

Clean out your stationery and clean off your desk

Work out what can go in the bin, what you need to replace and what you won’t need till next semester. You’ll feel so much better for having a clean desk. 

Review what worked this semester

Or should it be what didn’t work this semester? Make a list and start thinking about what might need to change for  next semester. Semester breaks are a good time to get help with Library research skills and study skills .


Decide how well you stayed motivated this semester. Identify what you need to do to keep you motivated for next semester. This might mean changing priorities and analysing if your course and enrolment type still fits in with your life plans. 


Once are exams and assignments are done you need to relax a little and get back to a good work/life/balance for you. Create some good routines that will keep you healthy
And…..we’ll look forward to seeing you back next semester. Enjoy your break!