Changes to Library Fees and Charges

CSU Library has made some changes to our library fees and charges. In the past, overdue fees have accrued daily once an item was past its due date, and that’s often had huge implications for library users, in many cases even prohibiting them from accessing their results and re-enrolling.

We don’t want to keep you guys from getting your grades, so we’ve taken the time to look at the current fees and charges associated with overdue items, and we’ve done some tweaking!

What’s changing?

Daily overdue charges have been removed for items borrowed in 2017. Instead, all items returned within 28 days of the due date (or 14 days if the item has been recalled) will not be fined, although your borrowing privileges may become restricted until the items are returned. After this grace period has passed, items will incur a “Bill for Replacement” of $150, and a “Lost Item Processing Fee” of $30. Should you return the items after these fees have been applied, the Bill for Replacement will be entirely waived.

In extreme cases, recalled items may incur a $5 per day overdue fee.

What this means for Library users

Less hassles! No more fines for small overdues, or items caught up in the mail. This means that you’re much less likely to be blocked from receiving grades, enrolling or graduating because of minor library fines. Note however, all overdues generated before this time will still be payable.

Your best way to avoid fines is by keeping track of your due dates in My Library Record. Also, be sure that CSU has your correct email address on file, and pay attention to courtesy reminders, as well as overdue and recall notices.

Want to know more?

You can find a full list of library fines and charges on the CSU Library website. And if you have any other questions, just Contact Us! We’re happy to answer any of your questions!