Streaming videos at CSU Library

Did you know that you can access a range of online video collections through the Library?

Whether you’re a lecturer looking for video content for your subject or a student looking for a movie to watch on a Friday night, the Library’s streaming video collections have something for you!

The four major online video collections are Informit EduTV, Informit TVNews, Alexander Street Press and Kanopy. All of these collections are searchable; you can provide links to other CSU users and you can create shorter clips from videos in some of the collections.

Informit EduTV
The big news for this database is that it now allows CSU users to register with any email address to create playlists, clips and favourites and share links to clips with other CSU users, all with the click or two of a button.

The collection includes archive content back to 2006 of shows that have been aired on Australian television. You’ll find all sorts of things, from the latest episode of the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent to episodes of Foxtel’s Grand Designs Australia; television series like Yes Minister & Deadwood; children’s movies Wreck it Ralph & How to Train Your Dragon; as well as movie classics like West Side Story & The Wizard of Oz. There’s something for everyone!

The database is searchable and the videos are streamed so you can find and watch the content instantly. For instructions on how to share links videos and clips with other CSU users, check out the creating links instructions.

Informit TVNews

Missed the news last night? You can watch it today using the TVNews database. The database uses the familiar Informit search platform and contains Australian television news, current affairs, and selected documentaries from the free-to-air networks with links to the digitised video content in a compressed format.

The videos are downloadable so you can watch them later, you can also browse the “publication” list and find all of the videos from a particular news service. For instructions on how to share links videos with other CSU users, have a look at out our creating links instructions.

Alexander Street Press Video Collection

Looking for something for your subject? Perhaps an introduction to the respiratory system or an introduction to cognitive behaviour therapy? Then Alexander Street Press might be the database for you!

Unlike the other two databases, Alexander Street Press is a collection of a number of smaller video databases focusing on specialised topics, such as:

Counselling and Therapy,
Dental Education,
Nursing Education,
Sports Medicine and Exercise Science, and
the VAST collection which includes videos on Art & Design, Criminal Justice & Public Safety, Education, Health Sciences, History, Literature & Language, Politics & Current Affairs, Psychology & Counselling, Science & Engineering and Social Sciences. Users can view the collections separately or in one collection. All of the videos are streamed so you are able to watch them instantly. For instructions on how to share links videos with other CSU users, check out the creating links instructions.

Kanopy Streaming Video

Kanopy is a streaming video resource for educational institutions. It provides more than 14,000 films, TV series and documentaries covering all subjects and which can be viewed on a range of platforms and devices. Source content is from leading producers such as HBO California Newsreel, PBS, BBC, The Video Project, Media Education Foundation, and Documentary Education Resources.

You can search or browse by subject. Top-level subject categories include:

  • Film & popular
  • The arts
  • Business
  • Education
  • Global studies & language
  • Health
  • Media & communications
  • Sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Instructional films & lessons.

Each subject category has a series of sub-categories.

You can create a user account and this allows you to: manage your personal profile details; create, share, and embed video clips and playlists; create watchlists of favourite films; and maintain a log of your viewing history. To create a user account, click on the Sign In button at the top right of the Kanopy screen, and follow the prompts. Whenever you are subsequently signed in, you can access your Dashboard from the top right of screen.

Need more information or help creating a clip? Ask us!