Psychology Week 2019

Psychology Week is an annual initiative of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) that aims to increase public awareness of how psychology can help Australians lead healthier, happier and more meaningful lives.

In 2019, Psychology Week will promote what psychology as a science tells us about young people’s feelings, attitudes and beliefs about social justice, with a particular focus on the climate crisis.

The APS and its psychologist members use Psychology Week to demystify and communicate the depth, breadth and many benefits of psychology. Many Australians benefit from psychology every day, in almost every setting – from classroom to workplace, private clinics to large hospitals, sports fields, courtrooms and much more. To help our students and staff celebrate Psychology Week this year, the Library would like to share some of our great online resources:

  • Psychology Library resource guide: Designed by Charles Sturt Librarians, each section of this guide contains collections, search tools, suggested resources and assistance to help you with your research and studies in this field.
  • Journal of Applied Psychology: This journal considers quantitative investigations of interest to psychologists doing research or working in such settings as universities, government, urban affairs, police and correctional systems, health and educational institutions, transportation and defense systems, labor unions, and consumer affairs.
  • Introduction to Psychology: Nature vs. Nurture Debate: This instructional video examines the important nature versus nurture debate in psychology.
  • The handbook of culture and psychology: This eBook examines Culturally informed research in psychology, and how it continues to supplement & challenge traditional knowledge in mainstream psychology in many ways, making culture a major topic of relevance for students & professionals in all areas of psychology.
  • Mind Body Philosophy: How is it that our very physical brain creates the very subjective experience we call reality? This series of videos leads us through millennia of philosophy and science addressing one of life’s greatest conundrums: What is consciousness and how does it arise.
  • The Elements of Psychological Case Report Writing in Australia: This eBook is the first of its kind to offer a one-step resource to success in submitting concise case reports that demonstrate basic applied psychological competence. A great resource for any student wanting to improve their skills!

We hope you enjoy checking out our resources and learning something new this Psychology Week! If you would like help finding other resources on this topic, or have trouble accessing any of these resources, please contact us at the Library.