Collection Spotlight: ClinicalKey Student: Nursing

Are you studying Nursing or related subjects at Charles Sturt? We have a new dynamic and focused resource to assist with your studies!

ClinicalKey Student: Nursing is a collection of nursing resources. ClinicalKey Student: Nursing is a collection of more than 130 eBooks, more than 24,000 images and 20 videos on the care of older adults

ClinicalKey Student: Nursing includes the following prescribed textbooks:

  • NRS160 – Contexts of Nursing, 6th edition.
  • NRS162 – The Clinical Placement: an essential guide for nursing students, 4th edition.
  • NRS274 – Understanding Pathophysiology, 3rd edition.
  • HRS211 – Lewis’s Medical-Surgical Nursing, 5th edition.
  • HIP202 – Evidence-Based Pactice Across the Health Profession, 3rd edition.
  • HIP302 – Promoting Health: the primary health care approach, 7th edition.
  • CLS412 – Emergency and Trauma Care for Nurses and Paramedics, 3rd edition.
  • MID447 – Law for Nurses and Midwives, 9th edition

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