Celebrating First Nations Literacy

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation takes out the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award!

In the world of literature, few awards carry as much weight as the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. This prestigious honour celebrates authors, illustrators, storytellers and organisations that promote the joy and importance of children’s literature worldwide. On April 9th the award found a worthy laureate in the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF), marking a significant milestone in the promotion of literacy among First Nations communities.

Colourful banner image celebrating the award with ILF logo

The ILF, an Australian nonprofit established in 2004, is dedicated to advocating for literacy among First Nations children. The ILF works to improve literacy levels in remote Indigenous Communities across Australia by providing access to culturally appropriate books and literacy resources. Their Community Publishing program has published 109 books in 31 Indigenous languages. Initiatives such as the Book Buzz and Book Supply programs bridge the literacy gap, empowering First Nations children through the magic of storytelling.

This award is a testament to the ILF’s impactful work promoting literacy and preserving First Nations’ languages and cultures. It also emphasises the transformative power of children’s literature in shaping young minds and fostering a love for reading. Children’s literacy is a cornerstone of education and development, laying the foundation for future success and lifelong learning.

The journey towards universal literacy requires continued efforts to address the root causes of illiteracy and provide every child with access to quality books and educational support. With this in mind, Charles Sturt Library is excited to announce we will again be hosting the Great Book Swap on Indigenous Literacy Day, September 4th, 2024. This event brings communities together to share stories, and raise the awareness and funds necessary to make literature accessible to all.

Charles Sturt Library has supported the ILF since 2017,
raising over $5000 in Great Book Swap events!

Keep an eye on our socials for details on how you can contribute to our Great Book Swap event this year and continue championing the cause of children’s literacy!