Databases on your mobile

Ever needed to read a journal article but can’t find a spare computer? Laptop battery flat? This can’t be used as an excuse any longer. CSU Library now has access to all subscribed EBSCOhost databases on your mobile.

EBSCOhost (Mobile) boasts the following features:

  • Basic Searching
  • HTML and PDF Full Text
  • Limiters (such as Full-Text, Peer Reviewed, Date etc)
  • E-mailing articles
  • and Multiple Database Searching

EBSCOhost (Mobile) is compatible with Android, Blackberry, Dell Axim, iPhone and Palm 750 devices.

EBSCOhost aren’t the only databases that you can search on you mobile. PubMed, Medline and Informit databases can also be searched.

Hopefully more database providers offer mobile friendly interfaces in the future. CSU Library will continue to add links to mobile databases in the FAQs.