Ride the Wave

Google Wave is now live and open to anyone with a Google account after 12 months in an invitation only trial state.
So now the question must be asked: Does Google Wave live up to the hype, or is it a wipeout?Before we pass judgement, lets take a look at what Google Wave claims to do:

Sounds pretty cool right? Sounds like collaboration just got a whole lot easier. Sounds like the integration of Google Docs, Google Maps, Youtube and other productivity extensions would spell an end to the tried and true methods of offices around the world. Right?

So why is Google Wave copping such a (sea)spray?

Why are close to 17,000 people claiming that it’s easier to understand the mating habits of the red-sided garter-snake than it is to understand Google Wave (amongst other outlandish claims)?

And why has Google Autocomplete turned against it’s brethren?
Enough of us dumping on it, let us know what you think of Google Wave by voting below.


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