Innovation & Libraries

Right around the world libraries are creating amazing programs to encourage new users, and to inspire current patrons to new heights.

Here’s some worldwide innovations:

  • Sweden have individual ergonomic workstations
  • Want to take your dog to the library with you? No problem, they are allowed in public libraries in Scandinavia
  • Norway have book boats to bring the libraries to those living on islands
  • Within selected Hong Kong libraries reside bookstores; so that you have the option to purchase the ones you like.
  • More library innovations are available from here

Even in Australia our libraries are coming up with amazing new ideas and helpful new programs. Some of the winners from the ALIA Library Stars 2010 helped improve areas of children and early literacy, social inclusion, digital citizenship and health and aging. Find out some of the great programs being run here

Mount Gambier Library, South Australia have bikes for hire. The local council has included free bicycles in its sustainable transport plan; these are housed in the library and can be hired from the front desk. All that is needed to loan the bike is a credit card imprint.