The mystery of the closet….

Imagine finding a walled-over closet while doing renovations in an old building. You break down the wall, uncertain of what you will find. As the dust settles, your eyes can scarcely believe it when they see valuable heritage materials sitting on the shelves.

For the library staff at San Antonio Public Library, this became the reality. The collection was discovered in the library’s old building. In 2006, the building was leased to the National Western Art Foundation, which is retrofitting the building. Previously, it had housed the Harry Hertzberg Collection and Circus Museum.

The materials found include valuable artifacts such as letters and photographs from the Civil War, WWII posters and a 1615 edition of the King James bible. Read more detail on the findings, and their historical importance

The mystery of course is why the materials were placed in the closet and sealed tight in the first place… Library staff have begun reviewing library board meetings to try to find out. It is believed that it must have been closed off in the 1950’s, the latest item found in the cupboard was a magazine from 1952. Find out more about the mystery of the cupboard here